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Collegiate Alumni


We are extremely proud of all of our Alumni that have cheered at Colleges and Universities across the Country!  We hope you have carried at least one trait from our Purple Family into your adulthood!  We miss you! ~ Forever will be, Pride of the South!

Aaron Jeswald, University of Kentucky

Abbey Anderson, University of Alabama 

Abbey Coppenger, University of Georgia 

Albrey Coker, University of West Georgia 

Alex Hull, University of Kentucky

Alex Stephens, University of Georgia

Ally Cheek, University of Georgia

Allison Turner, University of South Carolina

Allison Welch, University of Georgia

Amanda Oliff, University of Colorado

Amber Rechteine, University of South Carolina

Anna Watson, Hawaii Pacific University

Angela Burgess, Valdosta State University

Ansley Jenkins, Valdosta State University

Arielle Ventura, Georgia Tech University 

Ashleigh Glass, University of West Georgia

Ashley Faulkner, Hawaii Pacific University

Ashley Morris, University of Georgia

Ashley Porter, Old Dominion

Austin Edquist, University of Georgia

Beth Hand, Troy State University

Bill Kelly, University of Louisville

Bo Smith, Georgia College and State University 

Bree Cook, University of South Carolina

Brett Schiff, University of South Carolina

Brett Thomas, Georgia College and State University

Brittany Woody, Georgia Southern University

Brooke Grimes, Central Florida University 

Cade Macgregor, Clemson University

Caden Hatfield, Limestone University

Casey Broadway, University of Georgia

Caroline Glessner, University of Georgia

Cassie Koes, University of Georgia

Cathy McFarland, Georgia College and State University

Chad Butler, Shorter University

Chanin Register, University of Louisville

Chess Britt, Navarro College

Chrissy Giacomarro, University of Louisville

Clint Whitehead, Hawaii Pacific University

Cody Wayda, Hawaii Pacific University

Cole Campbell, Kennesaw State 

Conner Sims, Young Harris College

Corali Noguras, Georgia Tech University 

Courtney Stall, Wake Forest University 

Craig Chestnut, Central Florida Community College

Dalton Aquilo, Valdosta State University

Danielle Wolf, Georgia Southern University

Danielle Simpson, Iowa State

Day Burruss, Clemson University 

Dean Cavero, University of South Carolina/Aiken

Diana Davidson, Clemson University

Dominique Arrington, Valdosta State University

Drew Hixon, University of Georgia

E.J. Jones, University of Louisville

Emma Martinez, Mercer University

Emily Filer, University of Georgia

Emily Harwood, Georgia Southern University

Emily King, Davenport University

Faith Ayers, Shorter University

Frank Nash, University of South Carolina

Frank Rodreguez, Augusta State University

Franky Bueneseda, Young Harris College

Georgie Miller, Iowa State University

Hannah Harmon, University of Louisville

Hannah Williams, Valdosta State University

Hank Rogers, University of Georgia

Harold Williams, Morris Brown

Heather Turner, Hawaii Pacific University

Heather Sawyer, 

Heidi Roof, University of Memphis

Hillary Jones, Pepperdine University 

Holly Gindlesperger, Georgia Tech University

Holly Humphries, North Carolina State University

Jade Victoria Maxie, University of West Georgia

Jaila Williams, Baylor University

Jaime Sterling, University of South Carolina

Janae Bassil, Purdue University

Janetta Lavender, Georgia Tech University 

Jaylen Kirkland, Oregon University

Jeff Stringer, Hawaii Pacific University

Jenna Berg, University of Tennessee

Jenna Crisp, Georgia College and State University

Jennifer Comella, University of South Carolina

Jennifer Starkin, Mississippi State

Jenny Fleming, University of Kentucky

Jessica Drew, Georgia Southern University

Jessica Lloyd, Georgia Tech University

Jessica Vaughan, Georgia Tech University

Jordan Krost, North Carolina State University

Julie Kress, University of West Georgia

Justin Henson, University of Kentucky/University of West Georgia

Kaci Eady, University of West Georgia

Kacy Foster, University of Tennessee

Kalli Elliott, Hawaii Pacific University

Karen Hartford, University of South Carolina

Karen Wienstien, Florida State University

Karissa Phillips, University of Alabama

Kat Cichosz, Hawaii Pacific University

Kat Majester, Clemson University

Katie Baden, University of South Carolina

Katie Von Bargen, Wake Forest University

Katie Wood, Georgia Southern University

Kayla Yale, Hawaii Pacific University

Kayleigh Duggan, University of South Carolina 

Kelly Rutherford, University of Georgia

Kelsey Jones, University of West Georgia 

Kendall Clark, University of South Carolina 

Kim Barksdale, Florida Sate University

Kristine Moriano, University of Alabama

Kristen Wessell, Ole Miss

Kyle Cook, University of Louisville

Laura Bokesh, University of South Carolina

Lauren Calhoun, Ole Miss

Lauren Finamore, University of South Carolina

Lauren Pangburn, Baylor University

Leigha Weatherford, University of South Carolina

Letyson Rogers, University of Kentucky

Lexie Williams, University of Georgia

Lindsay Demboski, University of Georgia

Lindsay Koberg, University of Louisville

Lindsey Barwick, University of South Carolina

Lindsey Zauterer, University of Miami

Maci Jo Roberts, Shorter University

Madelyn Masey, Mercer University

Madison Brock, University of South Carolina

Madison Speigle, University of Delaware

Madison Rousakis, Georgia Southern University

Maggie Glass, University of South Carolina

Mariel Moore, Young Harris College

Mark Stanley, University of Kentucky

Matt Duane, Georgia Tech University

McKenzie Dicks, University of South Carolina

Melissa DiMaggio, University of Louisville

Melissa Kramer, University of Georgia

Michelle Benedit, University of South Carolina

Michelle Corvino, University of West Georgia

Michelle Falanga, University of Georgia

Mike Melillo, Hawaii Pacific University

Mikell Gray, Auburn University

Mikey Ruggerio, Valdosta State University

Missy Mcgee, Louisiana State University

Monica Belczewski, Georgia Southern University

Morgan Selby, University of Kentucky

Natalie Baird, University of South Carolina

Nathan Persall, Louisiana State University

Nick Sternloff, Austin Peay University

Nicole Doran, University of South Carolina

Nicole Tate, University of South Carolina

Omar Phillips, University of Louisville

Patrick Avard, Florida Atlantic University

Preston Green, Georgia Tech University

Rachel Maloch, Clemson University

Rachelle Harkness, Georgia Tech University

Rakina Owens, Georgia State University

Ramie Diaz, Georgia Tech University

Riley Racine, University of Georgia

Ruslyn Daves, University of South Carolina

Ryan Shannon, University of Georgia

Sam Vindas, Young Harris College

Samantha Maida, Georgia Tech University

Sara Dougherty, Liberty University

Sara Glass, Mercer University

Sarah Bell, Georgia Southern University

Sarah Christenson, Hawaii Pacific University 

Sarah Ralston, University of Georgia

Scotti Cantrell, University of South Carolina

Sean Durkin, University of Kentucky

Shana Belden, Shorter University

Shardae Flourney, University of Louisville

Shayla Moore, Baylor University

Sommer Smith, University of Georgia

Stayce Caywood, Kennesaw State University 

Stephanie Coker, Georgia Southern University

Stephanie Hammett, University of South Carolina

Stephanie May, Georgia Southern University

Stephanie Ross, University of Georgia

Stephanie Scheppman, Clemson University 

Stephanie Wyre, Georgia College and State University

Stephen Bush, University of Kentucky

Stephen Nuckois, University of Kentucky

Sydney Rhodes, Kennesaw State University

Tam Pham University of Louisville

Tasya Cooley, Ole Miss

Tim Robinson, Georgia Tech University

Tracy Wombell, University of Kentucky 

Trey Nuckols, University of Kentucky/University of South Carolina

Tristan Williams, Georgia Tech

Vesha Norwood, Hawaii Pacific University

Victoria Vogl, University of Louisville

If for some reason we have missed you, please message us!

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