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iconPrivate Lessons

Have any Questions? Feel Free to call us! 678-566-7827


Private Lessons

Our incredible coaching staff is now setting up private tumbling and stunting lessons.  To sign up for a private and see the availability of all our staff, please refer to the private signup book at the front desk.  Please be sure to read the private policy at the front of the book.

iconTumbling Classes

Georgia takes pride in having one of the best teaching staffs in the country. 

In our tumbling classes we will maintain a consistent level of proper progression and continually work on the fundamentals at all levels.  Fundamental training is vital to the safe and successful completion of any athletic program.

We strive to maintain a 1:8 ratio for instructor to students and our classes are 1 hour long.  If enrollment in any class raises above 8 we will add an additional instructor to better serve our students.  We reserve the right to combine the classes at any level based on the number of students in each class.

You can also find tumbling classes with class openings through our "IClass Pro" or "Parent Portal" link on our home page.  You MUST enroll in classes through the parent portal.  A copy of our tumbling class policies can be found in the forms section on our homepage.