Half Year Tryouts-November 6th from 6-7:30pm Tryouts only take 10 minutes to complete.


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icon09/08/2015 - All Star Prep Teams (Half Year)

We are excited to have you in our Purple Family!!  The All Star Prep Teams are designed for families and children that want to experience the amazing world of All Star Competition at less than half the expense and time commitment.  This is a great feeder program to our full year teams.  Below is a summary of the expense and basic information for the All Star Prep Team.  We are honored to have you in our program!  Pride of the South, year 25!  Welcome home!  Remember, these are assessments: Everyone will make a team.  There is no experience needed.  Ages 6-14 as of August 31st are welcome.


All Star Season: November-March with two local competitions held in March 

Tryouts: October 17th  

Anytime Between 4-6 pm

Tryout Fee: $25

USASF Athlete Registration: $35 plus copy of Birth Certificate

Monthly Charges:

Gym Tuition: $195 a month, billed on the 5th of each month. (Nov.-March)

Tuition Includes: Gym Fees, Competition Registrations, New Uniform Purchase, Choreography/Music Fee, Coaches Registration, One practice t-shirt. (Additional practice shirts can be purchased from the Pro Shop)


Teams will practice two days a week. Either Mon/Wed or Tue/Thurs.  4:30-6:30. Although this is a half year team, attendance at all practices is Mandatory.  We expect full commitment on all half year teams.  All payments are final and non-refundable.  Uniform will belong to the student at the completion of the season.  Students are responsible for their own cheer shoes.  They must be white in color and used for cheerleading purposes only.